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Planning & Environment Committee 03/02/2020 Agenda

Current Planning Applications are listed on our homepage for the duration of the public consultation period:


Location: Land at Garlick’s Arch, Send Marsh/Burnt Common, Portsmouth Road

Proposal: Hybrid (part full/part outline) application comprising: Full planning permission for 220 residential dwellings (Use Class C3) with associated open space and landscaping, means of access, parking, drainage, utilities and infrastructure works, temporary acoustic fencing, and other associated works; and Outline planning permission, with all matters reserved except for access, for up to 300 residential dwellings (Use Class C3) and Travelling Showpeople plots (Sui Generis) with associated open space and landscaping (including a landscape bund and acoustic fencing), means of access, enabling infrastructure and other associated works


Location: Walsham Weir near River End Cottage, Ripley, GU23 6AL

Proposal: Construction of a naturalised fish bypass channel, combined with a brush furnished technical fish pass for salmonid and course fish and eels, fencing, inlet structure (also serving as a crossing point) and timber footbridge, along with earthworks and landscaping on the south bank of the River Wey

Location: 4 White Horse Barns, White Horse Lane, Ripley, GU23 6BJ

Proposal: Erection of a single storey side extension (retrospective application)

APP/Y3615/C/3238790 (GBC ref: EN/18/00104)

Location: Highlands Farm, Portsmouth Road, Ripley, GU23 6EY

Appeal: Appeal against Guildford Borough Council’s 18-point Enforcement Notice dated 05/09/2019 on the grounds that: i) There has not been a breach of planning control; ii) At the time the enforcement notice was issued, it was too late to take enforcement action against the matters stated in the notice; iii) The steps required to comply with the requirements of the notice are excessive, and lesser steps would overcome the objections; and iv) The time given to comply with the notice is too short


Location: Land to the west of the A3, Grove Heath Road, Ripley, GU23 6ES

Proposal: Certificate of Lawfulness for proposed use to establish whether the construction of a private way (track) and an area of concrete hardstanding is lawful


Location: Nutberry Fruit Farm, Portsmouth Road, Ripley, GU23 9XX

Proposal: Proposed detached dwelling to replace barn with retention of existing lowered ground level


Location: The Paddocks, Rose Lane, Ripley, GU23 6NE 

Proposal: Use of land as a gypsy and traveller caravan site to include the provision of a total of eight caravans (no more than four of which shall be static caravans), utility block, stable block and associated hardstanding (retrospective)