Ripley Parish Council Committees 2019-20

Ripley Parish Council Committees 2019-20

Planning & Environment Committee (with delegated powers for Planning Applications, highways and transportation):

Richard Ayears, Jennie Cliff, Lisanne Mealing, Suzie Powell-Cullingford, Peter Shoesmith, Vernon Wood

Communication & Liaison (with delegated powers for website, newsletter, liaison with outside bodies):

Full council

Leisure & Facilities (The Green & playground, Allotments, Burial Ground, Nature Reserve):

Full council

Christmas Event Committee:

Jennie Cliff, Lisanne Mealing, Vernon Wood

Finance Working Group:

Lisanne Mealing, Simon Moxon, Suzie Powell-Cullingford

Nature Reserve Working Group:

Jennie Cliff, Suzie Powell-Cullingford, Peter Shoesmith, Vernon Wood

Representatives to outside bodies:

Ripley Farmers' Market  Lisanne Mealing
Joint Communities meeting All councillors
Police Simon Moxon
Press Parish Clerk
RideLondon Suzie Powell-Cullingford
Ripley & Send Matters Jennie Cliff
Friends of Ripley Primary School Jennie Cliff
Surrey Association of Local Councils Jennie Cliff
Ripley Village Hall Suzie Powell-Cullingford
Parish representatives:  
Anne Haynes Charity Marianne Jones
Smiths Charity David Conisbee, Geoff Richardson