Council Fees

Effective from 1st April 2017  
Use of the Green 
Parish organisation    £125 per day
Out of Parish rate  £200 per day  
Registerd Charity     £125 per day  
Sports Clubs £125 per annum  
Skips on The Green £25 per week  
Use of the Parish Council Office may attract a discretionary charge
Newsletter Sponsor £125 per issue (quarterly)
Flowerbeds Sponsor      
Parish organisation    £125 per annum  
Out of Parish rate  £200 per annum   
Registerd Charity     £125 per annum   
Allotments (10/17 - 09/18)     Concession  
Parish full plot £42 £30  
Out of parish full plot £72 £60  
Parish half plot £21 £15  
Out of parish half plot £45 £24  
Burial Charges       
Ripley Parish Council Burial Ground         
Exclusive right of burial for 100 years in an earthen grave £500    
Out of parish     £2500    
Internment of cremated ashes in a grave in respect of which an exclusive right if burial has been granted   £150    
Out of parish     £750    
Purchase of ashes plot £250    
Out of parish     £1250    
Refunds charged at 10%       
A flat stone not exceeding 6ft by 2ft   £150  
A flat stone exceeding either or both of the above dimensions £200  
A headstone not exceeding 4ft 6ins in height  £150
A double headstone not exceeding 4' 6" in height £200
A foot stone not exceeding 1' in height £100
Kerbstones or border stones not exceeding 7' by 3' £200
Kerbstones or border stones exceeding the above measurements £300
A vase not exceeding 15" in height £100
Cremated ashes memorial tablet £100
Cremated ashes memorial with headstone or vase not exceeding 12" in height £150
(Fees indicated include first inscriptions)    
Additional inscriptions following the first £50