Ripley Parish Planning Policy

Reviewed and Adopted by Ripley Parish Council on 7th December 2015. Minute P&E 70/15 

The Ripley Parish Council common viewpoint will take into account Guildford Borough Council and National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) but emphasise the local view supported by information from the Ripley Village Plan.

  1. The Ripley Parish Council common viewpoint will be applied consistently to all planning applications in the Parish.
  2. Ripley Parish Council Planning Committee members will familiarise themselves with the properties prior t o consideration of their planning application.
  3. A member of Ripley Parish Council may attend Borough Council Planning Committee meetings or Appeal hearings to give the Ripley Parish Council viewpoint.
  4. Encourage dialogue with the planning officers at Guildford Borough Council.
  5. Ripley Parish Council Planning & Environment Committee members may enter into dialogue with potential developers. Meetings may take place informally, although a written record will be made available for agreement by both parties.
  6. It is the general policy of Ripley Parish Council not to approve Outline Planning Applications, unless exceptional circumstances apply.

Planning Viewpoints

1. Seek to preserve and promote accommodation for all ages that wish to remain in Ripley .

  • Discourage extension of small dwellings to large (GBC policy H9). A small dwelling is defined as one which does not ex ceed 85 square metres gross internal floor space and will typically have no more than 2 bedrooms.
  • Discourage overdevelopment of medium sized properties. Each Application will be discussed individually.
  • RPC recognises that extensions are sometimes needed to enable families to remain in Ripley, but RPC discourages extensions which are disproportionate in size i.e. greater than 50% increase, resulting in buildings which are out of keeping with the area or out of proportion with the size of the plot .
  • RPC discourages conversion of bungalows to 2 storey dwellings.
  • Encourage affordable housing and other policies that support sustainable communities

2. Promote decisions that encourage amenities and services within the village thus reducing the need for travel .

  • Encourage the retention of small commercial premises and support those businesses which employ villagers (NPPF Ch 3 Supporting a prosperous rural community) .
  • Maintain A1 shops in the High Street (The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development (England) Order 2015).

3. Promote the Historic Environment

  • Protect old buildings with historical and/or architectural significance to Ripley, listed or not
  • Maintain traditional layout of village
  • Encourage shop and business signage to fit in with surroundings (Conservation Area GBC policy G7)